Ulinzi Latex is a newly established company that will manufacture and supply high quality, totally reliable and affordable reproductive health products for the institutional market. By 2022, we aim to become one of the largest condom manufacturers by volume.

Condoms play a powerful role in family planning. It is estimated that 225 million* women worldwide want to avoid pregnancy, but have limited access to modern contraception. By establishing Ulinzi Latex, we aim to give women, and couples, the ability to determine whether, when and how often to bear children.

When used consistently and correctly, condoms are one of the most effective tools in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV. By becoming an industry leading manufacturer of reproductive health products, we aim to empower and protect those communities around the world at the highest risk of HIV and other STD infection.

Building our ambitious project on a greenfield site in Lahore, we plan to build up our production capacity gradually. By 2022, we aim to become one of the world’s largest condom manufacturers. This will give greater access to family planning and will bring new impetus in the fight against HIV/AIDS, the world’s most significant public health challenge. By working with all stakeholders, we can together make a significant and long-lasting contribution to many of the Sustainable Development Goals, and so make the world a better place for all.

ulinzi-latex-1-1We are proud to be part of NRS International, the family-run company that develops and manufactures products for the humanitarian aid, public health and development sectors. With its H. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din & Sons (HSNDS) manufacturing facilities in Pakistan, and sales and marketing centre in Dubai, UAE, we will be able to leverage the unique experience of our parent company. Using this as a solid foundation, we will create the quality solutions needed to address some of the biggest problems facing the world today.

We manufacture what we sell

We have established a specialist manufacturing unit, HSNDS Latex, which will produce all Ulinzi Latex products. It builds on a heritage of manufacturing excellence, which we’ll enrich with the latest advanced technology and world class processes to lift our production standards even higher. The main HSNDS factory in Pakistan has manufactured all products for our sister companies NRS Relief and TANA Netting for the past 40 years. By leveraging this expertise, we will promote best practices and instill management excellence across our supply chain, from product development to manufacturing and through to final delivery to our customers.

* Source: World Health Organization and UN Population Fund

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